Hilary Abraham Ceramics

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Who I am

What started out as a way of balancing my very disciplined life as an athlete and sports coach with a little creativity has turned into a major passion and a serious form of expression  (not to mention a welcome way of supplementing my income!)

I live in Durban, South Africa, where I create my work in a pleasant, plant-filled courtyard which provides much of the inspiration for my work.

In 2019 I won a prize from a major Homeware store, Mr Price Home, which meant that some of my work will be produced for inclusion in the Mr Price range. Watch this space for further details.

My work is now for sale in the On Line shop of the Ceramics Society of South Africa. Visit https://ceramicsonline.co.za

These pieces are the ones for which I won the Mr Price Home award. They should be in the store in August.